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A Personal Statement is an essay that is submitted to the university, explaining the value you are going to provide to the institution along with the future objective you are expected to achieve from there. It is a short statement carry your motivation to join their institution. 

Writing a personal statement is not an easy job and this is why so many students are for Personal statement writing services that can help them in achieving their dreams. So if you are looking for online personal statement writing services then BEST SOP HELP is a one-stop solution for you.

Personal statement plays an important role in your admission process and this is why it is better to have professional assistance for your personal statement writing which will increase the chances of your selection and you can pursue your academic progression 

Services we offer that elevate your Personal Statement 

Our customer-friendly services ensure a seamless and trouble-free process for creating your personal statement. These services are premium so when you subscribe to our services you are allowed to enjoy the benefits offered by us:

Expertise from Professionals:

Our professionals themselves read every case and give their expertise on how a particular story should be written. Their expertise makes your personal statement stands out from the rest. 

Personally curated:

Every personal statement that we created is personally curated as per the requirements of the customers. Our writers make a personal statement that is aligned with your candidature so that it is congruent with your personality. 

24x7 Available:

Just drop us a query OR your requirement as we are available 24x7 to help you and give you the best solutions.

Multiple levels of checks :

We check your SOP multiple times to ensure you get a quality document every time. The SOP will be delivered only if it passes every test of ours. Our proofreaders check for grammatical errors, factual data errors, and structural errors. 

Revision at Free of Cost:

If any of our customers want some changes in their SOP then we will provide it too free of cost only if they raise a request within 7 days of delivery. Under our revision policy, we do all the necessary changes but there would be no changes in the structure of your personal statement.

Professional Writers:

Our writers have years of experience in writing personal statements for different colleges. So you do not need to worry about the quality you are getting.

Fulfilling Diverse Needs:

We are professional writing services and our services are diversified as we provide various writing services like writing services for statements of purpose for admission, visa, travel visa, work permit, resume writing, letter of recommendation, and many more. We are a one-stop solution for all the things a student needs to complete the admission process.

UCAS standard:

Each of our Personal statements fulfills the standard set by UCAS. UCAS is the central admission organization for the UK where students can apply for admission to different ungraduated courses. Our Personal statement is also as per the UCAS personal statement writing standard, So you should not worry about the quality you are getting.

What makes our Personal statement services better than others

This is about our diligence toward our customers and commitment to delivering the best quality services at a minimal cost. Our Personal statements are best because we give

Congruent SOP:

Every SOP of ours follows a logical storyline that is aligned with your previous academic and professional background. This congruency helps your document to stand apart from the crowd. 

Plagiarism-Free Writing:

We believe in plagiarism-free writing and this is why every SOP written by our writer is completely free from plagiarism and we also share a plagiarism report with you to assure you of our quality. 

No use of any AI software:

Even though ChatGPT is famous all over the world but we still do not use it. Our writers write every SOP by their hand from scratch and this is why no two SOPs of ours are the same. 

Zero Grammatical Errors:

Our proofreading team checks your SOP multiple times before they deliver it to you. They ensure that you must get an error-free SOP whether it is grammatical OR any factual data error.

Quality of Writing:

Your Personal statement is written by the country’s best writers who have years of experience in writing different SOP Writing Services for different purposes. 

Samples for Reference:

We provide samples for personal statements that can be used to create your statement. These samples are created by our expert writers and they all are selected ones. Remember these samples are only for reference purposes and nothing should be copied from them. 

A Personal Statement is an account of your achievements, talents, interests, and future plans. They are usually longer than your resume but shorter than your statement of purpose precisely written to answer the question stated by the university in a paragraph format. 

Writing a convincing personal statement is not an easy task and that is why our expert writers come into play. They have experience in writing convincing personal statements for different universities and counties. They know what the university is looking for in a student. They understand the guidelines of every university and that is why they can produce customized SOP for each of our clients.

If you are still skeptical about opting for a writing service for your Personal statement needs then you must check out the services we offer along with the additional benefits you will receive. You can also check our reviews and testimonials that are available on our website. After all this even if there is still a doubt left then get in touch with our customer support team and clear them. Your aim our assistance can bring magic to your future and you can contribute to the progress of the nation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A personal statement is a total of your background information along with the value you will bring to the institution, whereas, a statement of purpose is a professionally created document that states the reason why you want to join the particular university for a particular course. A statement of purpose is a long document as compared to a personal statement.

The word limit for personal statements should be within the guidelines of the university which is somewhere between 500-800 words.

The objective of a personal statement is to know the legitimacy of the candidate and prepare his candidature after which the admission committee will grant you admission to the university.

Your personal statement is a personalized document stating your personal reasons for opting for a particular course at the university. The university has a very keen eye on whether you have written by yourself OR not because they are interested to know your personal motivation to join the university as it carries a lot of value in your admission process.

The tone of your personal statement must be positive and enthusiastic. You should write your personal statement in formal language. The tone matters a lot in your personal statement as it tells the committee what kind of a candidate you are and if the committee finds that you are an impressive candidate your selection will be guaranteed.u00a0

There are so many scenarios where your personal statement might get rejected. If you write anything vague OR copied in your personal statement your document will be rejected. If the tone of your personal statement is negative and not convincing enough then it will be rejected and you can eliminate all those points of rejection if you hire a professional writing service for you.u00a0