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Levitate your Dreams with Exceptional SOP for Student Visa

So, finally, you are able to secure admission at a foreign university and now you are just one step away from pursuing your dream. You need a professional SOP for a Student visa to grant your Study Permit successfully. A study permit is a formal document that allows the student to study at their designated academic institution for the duration of their course. 

Writing a statement of purpose for a student visa is not that difficult because the visa authority does not require an extraordinary thing to be mentioned. They want you to write it in simple language and decently put forward your motivation to come to their country for future studies.

What Authorities are looking for?

Authorities do not want you to be over the top in your SOP because it will portray you as an unauthentic candidate. They are looking for genuine motivation for continuing academic progression in a foreign country. They want to check your study plans, financial condition, university of your choice academic qualifications, work experience and future plans.

Wanna know the secret of compelling SOP

Each one has its own approach while writing an SOP. Our writer’s proficiency will help you to create a compelling SOP for you. Here is how our writers’ approach makes your statement of purpose stand apart from the rest.


Whenever you are writing SOP, it should include stories and not statements. A story about you will reflect more about your personality and will be helpful for the authority to understand your motivation for joining your respective course and university.

Use real-life examples

You can elevate your storytelling by adding examples of real life which will add clarity to your SOP. examples add the element of honesty and build trust in the minds of the authority.

Area of interest

If you are choosing a particular course in a foreign university then you must write it in a way that it displays your true emotion for your area of interest. Your area of interest must be aligned with your previous academics as well as future goals. 

Don’t finalize it too quickly 

Whenever you write on your own, first prepare a sample SOP for your student Visa. Make a checklist of things that should be included in your SOP and continue to review your SOP again and again. When you are finally satisfied with your SOP then end it with a final draft. 

Start Early

It is better to start early writing your SOP because it will give you an ample amount of things that need to be in your SOP. it will also help you to proofread it multiple times and ensure zero errors in your statement of purpose.

Difficulties faced by Students in getting their Study Permits?

Getting a study Permit is challenging because students are not able to present their intention in a proper manner. They need to be made aware of how to bring that congruency to their story and ended up making vague statements. 

Issue with Langauge

The language written in SOP is not an ordinary one. They focus on professionalism which they judge by the words you choose in your SOP. you need to keep it simple and free from any grammatical errors. 


It is not a daily task for a student to write SOP, so they look at the samples available on the internet. We also provide a sample SOP for student visa but it is only for reference purposes only by which you can have an idea of how to approach a student Visa SOP.


Structuring your SOP is a daunting task for the student because most of the students are not able to bring a good storyline in their SOP making it difficult for the authority to find congruency in your student Visa SOP and you lost your chances of selection. 

Grammar errors

Grammatical errors are significant problems for students to tackle and this is why students are looking for an expert writer who can write a statement of purpose with no errors. This is an important part of your SOP as communication skills are an important part of your visa permit and the smallest error will raise a doubt on your candidature and you will lose your chance of selection.

If you are facing any issues with your SOP then you can check out our customer-friendly services that will help you to get a quality SOP from our quality writers.

What are we offering

Our professional experts can bring valuable input in creating your SOP for Student Visa. Having years of experience on their back ensure that you will get professional SOP every time.

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Our services are available all the time 24x7 to help you with all your SOP queries. You just need to drop the issue you are facing with your SOP and we will revert to you as soon as possible.

Plagiarism Free

We guarantee you a plagiarism-free SOP every time. SOP written by our writers goes through various levels of scrutiny to ensure you the highest quality of the statement of purpose for your study permit.


Finding the best SOP experts is a challenging task but we provide you a one-on-one conversation with our experts to clear all your doubts. Their expertise will help you to create a standard SOP that will ensure you a good result. 

Free Modifications

If you find anything that needs to be changed in your SOP then we will provide you with a free revision facility in which we will do all the necessary changes free of cost but you need to raise a revision request within 7 days of delivery.

Diverse Service Options

We offer a wide range of services to suit the need of our customers. Our diverse range of SOP for visa services includes Student, work, spouse and even tourist visas to our clients. 


An SOP is a personal document and this is why it is necessary to customize it as per your needs and requirements. Customization elevates your chances of selection as it portrays that the student is being honest in his Visa SOP.

Frequently Asked Questions

The word limit for student visa SOP depends on the guidelines stated by the respective country. However, the average word limit for student visa SOP will be between 800-1200 words. But it is still recommended to go through the guidelines before writing your SOP.

Every order is delivered within 24 hours of the order being generated. We are very punctual in our services and it is requested to submit all your documents

Yes, you will get all the changes necessary for your statement of purpose. You have to raise the revision request within 7 days of delivery and all the changes will be done free of cost.

The major reason for your rejection of student visa SOP is when students are not able to put forward their strong intent to return back to their home country OR when the authorities are not able to satisfy your temporary stay reason. In the case of a student visa, when authorities are not able to find the relevance between your previous academic and future academic subjects.

The university gave its approval within 15 working days.

Admission SOP is written in an essay format with no headings whereas the student visa SOP is written in a document format with proper heading for each paragraph.